Thermoplastic rubber articles

Our production of TEKNOPRENE TPV and flexible PVC rubber thermoplastic articles is oriented to the production of standard products (tubes and profiles) and on customer's design ones of extruded or molded parts with high automation and microprocessor controlled machines.

We manufacture tubes with electronic control of the dimensions for obtaining tight dimensional tolerances for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

We can also realize colored products, with custom written, satisfying particular specifications (FDA, BGA, NSF, UL, etc ...) and with plastic or metal inserts (coextrusion).

The materials currently processed are:

TPV (polyolefin Vulcanized Rubber - Teknoprene TPV)
SEBS (Styrene-Rubber EtilenButilene-Styrene)
TPU (polyurethane)
PVC (Polyvinyl chloride plastic)