Our production of industrial rubber gaskets O-RING follows the international standard sizes and it is manufactured according to the quality standards ISO 3601 Part 1 Grade G, Part 3, Class N, starting from selected and constantly monitored raw materials.
The compounds of our rubber seals O-RING are molded on injection molding machines, automated and controlled by a microprocessor for the monitoring of all process parameters.
Our industrial rubber gaskets O-RING, after finishing, are annealed in the oven for the stabilization of the elastomer, sorted and packed.
In order to meet the needs of our customers we have a warehouse where you can find rubber O-RING in a wide range of English and French standard sizes.
The possibility to draw from a complete inventory allows us to meet all the needs of quick deliveries at competitive costs.

On request, we can also mold rubber O-RING made of Silicone LSR (liquid) and in sizes and hardness out of the normal standards (e.g.: metric O-RING).

Production materials available at stock in standard English sizes:
. Nitrile (NBR 70 Shore A) - black
. Fluoroelastomer (FKM 70 Shore A) - black / green
. Silicone (SIL 70 Shore A) - red / transparent
Other colors available on request.

Our production capacity allows us to produce O-RING in all types of elastomers (EPDM, CR, H-NBR, ACM, high nitrile NBR, anti-petrol NBR, Silicone for high temperatures, etc …). Silicone, NBR, EPDM and FKM are FDA approved).