PTFE tubes

Our PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene tubes are suitable for special applications and for the transfer of very aggressive fluids, because they resist to acids, bases, steam and hydrocarbons and withstand temperatures from -20 to + 160 ° C.


The PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene, also known as TEFLON, is a polymer with exceptional physical-chemical characteristics:

  • complete chemical inertia, it is not attacked by the chemical compounds and does not alter the fluids with which it comes in contact
  • total insolubility in water and in organic solvents
  • excellent resistance to high temperatures, bears from -20 to + 260 ° C without deformation
  • very low thermal conductivity that allows a safely handling
  • fire resistant
  • moisture resistant
  • very low coefficient of friction which gives excellent surface smoothness properties
  • total antiadhesion, the surface is not bondable
  • great capacity of electrical insulation


Thanks to the excellent physical and chemical properties of PTFE, the tubes made from this polymer are RESISTANT, FLEXIBLE, DURABLE AND especially SAFE, since they can transfer the most dangerous fluids such as vapors, acids, caustics, harmful gases and even flammable liquids, ensuring the maximum safety even for the handler.

The PTFE tubes are FDA certified. The chemical inertness and the antiadhesion properties of the material ensure the purity of any transferred fluid, whilst the moisture resistance prevents odor, taste or colour to pass to the fluids transferred into the tube, making it suitable for the contact with foods and beverages in according to international certification standards for food safety.

As well as in the food industry, the PTFE tubes can be used in various industrial processes: transfers of caustic chemicals, pharmaceutical and petrochemical processes, in the electrical industry, in mechanical engineering, aerospace, automotive etc ...


Øi mm. x ØExt mm.    weight gr/mt Øi mm. x ØExt mm.   weight gr/mt             
          2 x 4                       21                        4 x 6                     37

          3 x 5                       32                        6 x 8                     53

Other sizes available on request.